Our vision

The 1 Offshore shall have a significant role as an independent 3rd party providing verification, engineering, advices, operational planning and risk management to any offshore or onshore application

Our core values

The 1 Offshore is committed to a set of values and principles setting the standard of excellence in everything we undertake. Our values and principles form the foundation in building an international company for continued success.


We will continuously expand and develop our competence to provide innovative and sustainable solutions and services.


We will continuously develop our organisation and multidisciplinary teams with the ability of responding to rapid change to fulfil future requirements and clients’ expectations.


We are committed and loyal to our core values, goals and strategies. People dealing with us will always encounter reliability, honesty, predictability and trustworthiness.


We believe in our enthusiasm. Our everyday work is characterized by a sense of humour, spontaneity, excitement and dedication.


We focus on cooperation, open mindedness and a positive working environment, emphasizing the inherent worth of all people where colleagues and partners make each other performing better.


About mentioned values we aim to produce the best quality in the market we serve, and by having the right people and competence the day to day will focus of give the best quality.